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The Galactic Observer

The McCarthy Observatory publishes a monthly newsletter called The Galactic Observer.  The newsletter includes interesting space-related news, feature stories, current events  at JJMO, and a calendar of both upcoming and historical space milestones.

May 2021

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Second Saturday Stars & Special Events

Join us for our free and open to the public star party on the Second Saturday of every month! Each month a new presentation is given on an astronomy related topic. If weather permits, a variety of telescopes are available for public viewing of seasonal celestial objects.  The observatory may also host special viewing events when possible for rare or interesting astronomical phenomena such as eclipses and transits.  

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, Second Saturday Stars has shifted to a live virtual/online format.  Join us on YouTube or Facebook Live at 8:00pm EST Saturday, May 8.

All of our previous Second Saturday installments are available on our YouTube channel– please subscribe stay up to date with our latest events!

Topics for May include:

  • What’s up in the night sky
  • Update on various Mars missions
  • Progress on the Artemis Program


Ask questions and interact with the presenters using the chat functions of YouTube or Facebook!

Click here for the YouTube event page, or here for the Facebook Live event page to join the chat and ask questions!

Or simply view the event below!


The observatory is located on the south west side of the New Milford High School grounds, in the rear of the south parking lot next to the football field.

AllSky Camera

The All-Sky Camera is a 180 degree field of view camera mounted on the roof of the observatory.  It monitors local weather/sky conditions, and captures meteors for potential analysis.  Click the image above for more information.


On the Observatory Grounds

Scale Solar System Walk

Kathleen Fischer Sundial

Galileo’s Garden