14.5″ Truss Tube Newtonian

The 14.5″ truss tube telescope was donated to the
observatory in 2018 by Ralph Libby of Ridgefield, CT.  It is an outstanding
instrument, and had never been used by Mr. Libby. The very first testing
was amazing – well collimated, very smooth to slew and focus!  It is
used at our star parties, and by volunteers on other occasions.

We have added excellent pointing tools – a co-aligned laser pointer
mount for guiding the operator to a visible object, and a smartphone
mount to guide via planetarium simulators to objects too dim to observe
with the eye. We have a concrete base mount pad to place it on so
vibration will no affect it when there are many visitors on the outside

We added an adjustable counterweight system and have a portable power
supply to operate the cooling fan. It is a wonderful instrument to awe
visitors, and teach them how to locate and slew to objects without fancy
GoTo technology. We have timed slews, and can consistently have objects
in the finder scope within 6 seconds, anywhere in the sky!