Visiting the Observatory is easy!

You are always welcome to visit the McCarthy Observatory.
If you wish to schedule a  visit, you may use our web site schedule request form on this page or just telephone the Observatory and leave a message with details.

Please Note

Dates on the above calendar without a red or blue block are not yet scheduled for any activities at the observatory, and may be available for a visit. If you would like to request reservation of an available date, simply fill out the reservation form on the right. The date will be verified by a JJMO staff member and you will be contacted to confirm your reservation. Reservations are not ‘official’ until you receive a confirmation either via email or by phone.

One of the primary goals of the McCarthy Observatory is to provide opportunities for students, community groups, and the general public to experience the science of astronomy. We encourage you to arrange for a visit to the observatory for a tour, an educational session, to participate in a science project, or to just view the moon, planets and stars.


To submit a schedule request

Please use the form below to submit a request for up to three dates (one primary and two alternates) that you would like to visit the observatory. When you have finished filling out the form, click on the Submit button to send your request to the JJMO. You should receive a confirmation within 3-5 days.

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