The growing collection of space-related artifacts at the Observatory

As a member of the NASA Museums Alliance and as part of the New Milford Public School System, the Observatory is eligible to apply for receipt of space artifacts when space programs are terminated. We also have been fortunate to receive donated artifacts from Goodrich in Danbury, with whom we have a close association, and from various private donors over time.

Included in the artifacts collection at present:

  • A flown Space Shuttle main landing gear tire for a mission to the Hubble telescope in 1997
  • A slice of the actual mirror system of the Chandra X-ray telescope
  • Two shuttle heat-shield tiles – one from production and one engineering model
  • A collection of meteorites, including one that is older than the solar system
  • A very large NASA “museum-quality” mural set of composite images of Spiral Galaxy M101
  • We will soon be receiving a flown Shuttle nose gear wheel, tire and brake assembly