1,000 Suns For New Milford – A student Sunflower Garden

Sunflower BedThrough a generous grant for the Lowe’s Toolbox for Education program, we were able to construct a large sunflower garden for the three New Milford elementary schools in the spring of 2011. Each Pre-K to 3rd grade student in New Milford (about 1,600 students) planted seeds for classroom beds and to take home – a total of 60 varieties of sunflower seeds were planted. On June 11, the students planted the three beds. The results for this first year were spectacular, with amazing color for almost three months. This will be an annual event for the three schools…entitled “1,000 Suns for New Milford”.

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Planting the Sunflowers Sunflower Seedlings Sunflowers Growing!
Sunflowers Growing! Sunflowers Grow!  Sunflower all grown up!