We are an all-volunteer organization

This Observatory has always been staffed by volunteers who perform their duties out of a love of science and especially astronomy. Currently there are about 30 volunteers, from 11 area towns, and from widely varied backgrounds. The array of talents across the team is just spectacular, and includes artists and artisans, technicians and physicists, engineers and businessmen, geologists and teachers, pilots and CEO’s.

Volunteers teach classes at the observatory, at Sarah Noble school and in various school systems in the area. They host many visiting groups, and put on monthly star parties. They build new things, repair things, and maintain many things. They do maintenance of the entire facility and all its equipment, They do research and mentor students. They have discovered asteroids. They plan new activities and develop presentations for our monthly public events. They build new structures and new gardens and stairways and many other things, all designed by the team.They publish a very fine monthly astronomy calendar and almanac to many hundreds of interested citizens. They make telescope mirrors and new telescopes. Very fine ones. They raise all the funds themselves, and spend the funds very wisely. They are always seeking ways to improve what we do, and ways to attract more visitors and more students for mentoring on research. It is a very talented and dedicated group, and growing steadily.