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Volunteers supporting the Intermediate School Science Curriculum

This page is reserved for New Milford Public School teachers to request that volunteers of the Observatory present science lessons in a classroom or the Sarah Noble Intermediate School Planetarium.

To arrange for an Astronomy To Go visit

Please use the form below to submit a request at least two weeks before the visit date. Alternate dates expedite our response if a volunteer is not available on your preferred date. After completing the form below, click on the submit request button. A volunteer will contact you for additional information and confirmation. Lesson plans and descriptions are available below the form.

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1.  Properties of Light and Color
2.  Properties of Sound
3.  Lunar Phases and Eclipses
4.  Reasons for the Seasons
5.  Solar System Tour
6.  Our Solar System in the Galaxy
7.  Our Galaxy in the Universe
8.  Stump the Astronomers
9.  Current Events in Solar System Exploration
10.  Weather on Other Worlds
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Click on any event in the calendar below to see the details of a session.

Short descriptions and requirements of ATG lessons are available here in Adobe Reader™ (PDF) format. Click on the lesson title in the list below to view a lesson plan.
Astronomy To Go Lessons
(Click on the lesson title for a lesson plan.)

Lesson 1 Grade 4 Light and Color
Lesson 2 Grade 4 Properties of Sound
Lesson 3 Grade 5 Lunar Phases and Eclipses
Lesson 4 Grade 5 Reasons for the Seasons
Lesson 5 Grade 6 A Celestia Tour of the Solar System/Stellarium View of the Night Sky
Lesson 6 Grade 6 Our Solar System in the Galaxy
Lesson 7 Grade 6 Our Galaxy in the Universe
Lesson 8 Grade 6 Stump the Astronomers
Lesson 9 Grade 6 Current Events in Solar System Exploration
Lesson 10 Grade 6 Weather on Other Worlds