Celestial Imaging Equipment

Imaging of galaxies, nebula, planets, asteroids, the moon, and comets is done regularly by staff and users of the observatory, on state-of-the-art equipment. Both scientific investigation and “capturing the magnificence of the heavens” is possible with the imaging equipment at your disposal

The list of cameras and accessories in use includes:

  • An SBIG ST10-XME camera and filter wheel
  • An SBIG ST7 camera and filter wheel
  • An SBIG Spectrograph and an ST7 camera attached
  • A full set of Astrodon professional grade narrow band and color filters in a filter wheel
  • An SBIG STV camera for tracking and imaging
  • A SKyNyx camera
  • A Pulnix camera
    Each of these cameras can be attached to any of the telescopes at the facility, including being mounted on the outside deck, with feeds going to any other location in the observatory and to many storage or display devices.