McCarthy Observatory welcomes new volunteers!

Looking for a volunteer opportunity?  The Observatory welcomes all people interested in sharing our mission, regardless of background.  Our volunteers have included carpenters, plumbers, physicians, small business owners, pilots, flight attendants, nurses, corporate executives, insurance professionals, master gardeners, and others.  Here are some frequently asked questions:
1. Do I need an astronomy background to volunteer?
NO!  Many of our volunteers began with no astronomy knowledge.  We would be happy to teach you as much as you would like to know.
2. What would I do as a volunteer?
Here is a partial list of opportunities:
  • Hospitality

    Volunteer Brochure
  • Presenter
  • Dome telescope operator/guide
  • Sky Deck telescope operator/guide
  • Public outreach
  • Host for class/group tours and special events
  • Student mentoring
  • Fund raising
  • Social media and website content updates
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Our extensive gardens require help with maintenance and design
3. Can I learn to operate the main telescope if I want?
YES, absolutely.  If your interest is in operating any of our equipment we can show you how.

4. How do I get involved?

Send us an email to  Put “Volunteer” as the subject, and we will get back to you.  Or come by any Second Saturday event and introduce yourself!